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Techtorial 2023

 Hello Folks! I am going to write a short post about my Hungarian Techtorial 2023 experiences. Why am I do it? Because I have not have new topic in CCIE learning path. Last time I posted about BGP and IGP and I could write a deep-dive thing about them, but I think that can not be interesting in this platform. So I decided it that I write a a little about my Techtorial experiences.    Ok! What is techtorial? I think the Hungarian Cisco Techtorial was a network engineering celebrity day, like the ITBN for Security Engineers. My first event was at 2015 when I worked for the MT (Hungarian Telecom). It was a great time to talk with very smart people about the newest technologies, I learned many new technologies. Nowdays the event is good, but I can not see the twinkling and sparkling behind the programs, but I changed not the event. (If it will be 2 days program again with hotel room... ;) ) In this year, the event was kept in the Etele Plaza Cinema (yeah like in 2022). There was many inte