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CCIE SP v5.x Lerning journey #xxxxx2 Understanding and practice BGP and IGP basics

 Hey yo man! Whats UP? Lets talk about IGPs and BGPs (EGPs)! How my CCIE process is going? I passed (again) the cisco 350-501 SPCORE exam which is the actual written exam for CCIE certification. Last time it was easier than now, maybe I have no MPLS based project at this time. In the other hand I passed the 350-901 which is the DEVCORE exam, now I have 3 NP certification: DevNet, SP, Enterprise. I care about devnet because there is evolving technology part on the lab exam, so it was the part of my preparation. Actually I prepare myself to the LAB! Rock Yeah! Understanding BGP is basically an really old topic in Service Provider era. What is BGP? What does it mean that BGP an EGP?  What is IGP? Good stuffs from question to question. Lets start with the first one. What is BGP? BGP is an EGP. WHat? Border Gateway Protocol is az Exterior Gateway Protocol which is responsible for the ISP or Telco routing strategy in an Autonomus System... Pfffff Its not easy when you do not understand wh